MPD Covid 19 Policy

We are now pleased to be able to return to work and have put the following plan into place:

 We will call ahead to make an appointment and discuss the safest arrangements for the installation

We will not work within any households if we, or any members of our household, have any symptoms of Covid 19; we will isolate for a minimum period of 7 days before returning to work

You must inform us if you or someone in your household is shielding or vulnerable; we will not be able to carry out the installation at the present time but will reschedule for a future date

For any external installations, such as roofline replacement, we will not need to access the inside of your property; we will remain outside at all times. If you need to exit/enter your property at any time during our visit, please allow us to move a suitable distance away before leaving/entering

 For window and door replacements where we need to access the inside of your property, we request that you arrange to leave the property wherever possible. If you are unable to leave the property for a period of time, then we respectfully insist that you do not enter the room in which we are working. We will discuss with you prior to our visit, the safest way for us to enter and leave the property during our visit in order to maintain social distancing. If possible, we will use a separate entrance to the householder

We will ensure that we have supplies of hand sanitiser available and will use this regularly throughout our visit; we will wear a mask if you would feel safer

Before we leave the property, we will ensure that the areas in which we have worked have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised

We will not require you to provide any refreshments during our visit; please do not be offended if we refuse any offers of such

You will not be asked to sign any documents during our visit; these will be left with you with a pre-paid envelope for return

Please do let us know if there are any other measures you would like us to take

From all of us at MPD, please help us to help you STAY SAFE